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I would just like to know how the Templars DIDN’T find Anders. Like, he fucking follows Hawke around screaming about being a mage 24/7 and… Nothing? Really?


They forced her to wear white. She disagreed and made it red.

Ok, no more OCing, back to studies, you lazy s`wit!




why can I see this happening to /any/ of the boys???

I spent the past three minutes laughing and speechless.


Welcome to Hell.

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Oops, sorry. I’m interested in hearing your opinion on Penny Dreadful. I’ve just been sent the first disc of Hannibal season 1 so I shall try to catch up a bit.

Huzzah! Let me know what you think as well.

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I have the first Grisha book in my piles somewhat close to the front. I take it that you like them. Plus French Decadent Ladies sounds interesting.

Yes, I enjoy them immensely. The other book is actually French Decadent Tales, but shouldn’t be less fascinating. There’s actually a story in here called “The Man Who Loved Consumptives” which brings to mind the second episode of Penny Dreadful (Yes, unicorngoth, I started watching it today).


I couldn’t sleep because of this

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